JCCP proudly welcome three of our newest board member

Jun 25, 2020

JCCP proudly welcomes its newest board member. Prof. Naoko Miyaji (Kunitachi Tokyo, Japan), Prof. Parameshvara Deva (Selangor, Malaysia), and Dr. Paolo Cianconi (Rome, Italy) have recently joined our Editorial Board. With these valuable additions, we are looking to expand and broaden our readers and authors. We are convinced that they will be able to provide insightful inputs to the progression of our journal.

The Scopus Author link for the respective board member is available at our Editorial Board page. 

Vol 1 No 2 (2020)

Published: Jun 6, 2020

The correlation of caregiving burden with depression, anxiety, and stress among caregivers of people with schizophrenia

21-24 I Kadek Suaryana, Cokorda Bagus Jaya Lesmana, Luh Nyoman Alit Aryani
Read Statistic: 281

Relationship of the quality of life and depression in the elderly

25-27 Eka Suastika, Ni Ketut Sri Diniari, Cokorda Bagus Jaya Lesmana, Luh Nyoman Alit Aryani, Ni Ketut Putri Ariani, Ida Aju Kusuma Wardani
Read Statistic: 261

Good family function decrease internet addiction and increase academic performance in senior high school students

28-31 I Putu Belly Sutrisna, I Gusti Ayu Endah Ardjana, Supriyadi Supriyadi, Lely Setyawati
Read Statistic: 302

Personality traits in online game addiction in Denpasar

32-34 I Gusti Rai Putra Wiguna, Cokorda Bagus Jaya Lesmana, I Gde Raka Widiana
Read Statistic: 245

Correlation of family expressed emotion and frequency of relapse schizophrenia patients

35-37 I Gusti Agung Ayu Putri Yuni Aryanti, Luh Nyoman Alit Aryani, Cokorda Bagus Jaya Lesmana
Read Statistic: 330
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